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Virtual tours witness 5 million visits daily worldwide One of the most important virtual tour stats shared by Panomatics is this one, for sure. It shows how easily virtual tours can attract new and existing customers, connect with them, build their trust, and convince them. Since they are innovative and cutting-edge, customers tend to spend more time on any page that has virtual tours.

Just imagine being able to share your 360 virtual tour not only on Google Maps, but on your social media, your website and even as a signature on your emails? Well imagine no more because it’s all possible. Sharing your virtual tours is super easy and is a great way to bring more exposure to your business. Is your virtual tour outdated? Let us come and shoot a new one for you.

Our interactive multimedia virtual tours are ideal for showcasing a space in it’s best possible form. Whether it be an event space, property for sale or rent, gymnasium, hotel or Airbnb, university or school; our virtual tours offer many advantages over traditional forms of photography or video. Allow your audience to fully explore every nook and cranny of your space in their own time, and to fully absorb the unique features it has to offer through embedded and interactive media.

Full customisation – Our bespoke virtual tours not only allow you to fully customise the way the tour appears to your audience. Custom branding allows you to both promote your business and match the aesthetic style of your existing website and social media posts.

Custom navigation – Not only can you control how your customers see your tour, you can control the way they navigate around it, whether it is detailed floorplans, maps, a gallery of thumbnails, or a simple dropdown menu.

Integrated media points – Display additional information about specific scenes or areas of a scene with a range of embedded multimedia options including, but not limited to, text, videos, photography, embedded browsers, etc.

Full website integration – Your virtual tour will integrate seamlessly with your existing website. Whether you run your website yourself or you have a third party do it for you, we will provide technical support to help you get it up and running.

Social media integration – Included with your virtual tour is a full set of the flattened imagery, which when uploaded to your Facebook page, will automatically display as a 360° image.

VR ready – Your virtual tour will automatically detect when it is being viewed through a VR compatible device (ie. any smartphone), and can be switched into VR mode to be used with a VR headset.

Regardless of your targeted audience, everybody dreams, thinks and wishes to travel. Google’s Travel Moments that Matter guide says that when people are dreaming, they’re just before the planning phase. People are looking for inspiration. This is your opportunity to be top in their mind.

  • Polish your website: Most hotel websites are loaded with information that people don’t care about during the dreaming stage. Invest in a better content format like 360 web interfaces and VR.

Why commission a virtual tour?

Google research has shown that immersive content like 360 virtual tours is an effective way to showcase a business. Virtual tours are more engaging and informative when compared to still photography, and with increased engagement, comes an increased chance potential clients will select your business over a competitor.

The ‘all showing’ nature of a 360 virtual tour helps overcome the doubts that sometimes prevent potential clients from engaging with a new business. By showing a location in its entirety you help build trust, and demonstrate that your business will live up to expectations. Commissioning a virtual tour can attract new clients, increase bookings, showcase your business, promote an exhibition, increase student intake, qualify potential clients to save time, improve accessibility, familiarise, educate, inform, engage and inspire!